Help Moving To New Server


I am moving my site to a new server and having some issues. CS-Cart support is trying to assit, they usually can get things done but there are some issues and I need live help. No problem if there is a charge but need this soon. If anyone with expertise is available please PM me.


Just wanted to update that I asked for help and received great assistance from one of our CS-Cart family, Brandon, without hesitation hanged n there to help me resolve my problem which I might add turned out to be a hosting issue.

The important thing for me is he was there through the entire ordeal, even though he didn’t have to be.

For all you folks still kicking the tires looking for a cart … it don’t get any better than CS-Cart, the support team and the forum family.

It’s nice to hear a good story about CS-Cart. This kind of help is what makes CS-Cart a great experience for all of us.

Great job Brandon!

I feel the same way about CS-Cart and the community. I couldn’t have chosen a better product.