Help modifying the "print invoice" layout

I need to make some simple layout changes to the way my invoice looks but I’m no expert at working with templates. All my problems come within the way the products/options table is laid out on the invoice. Each of my products has several options so I need to make it easier to read and condense it. Here is a link to a screenshot of the way it looks now: [URL][/URL]

There are 2 main issues I would like to correct:

  1. In the admin area in the language section I changed the “Quantity” to “Quantity Discounts start at just 2 Items!” so it shows up next to the quantity box. This now forces the center column to be really wide since it shows all this extra lettering now. Can I comment out that and just change this to say just “Qty”? If so, how/where do I do this.
  2. Almost all of my products have the 5 options shown. Is it possible to comment out the description for the option? This information really takes up a lot of space that I really don’t need. If you notice, I have put “*” around the second color choice (Ultra Black) to distinguish it from the first color option. With all the wording on the invoice now, it is hard to read…which makes it hard to decipher what options the customer ordered.

    Right now, I’m not even sure what I am asking is possible but I sure hope so. Otherwise I’m going to be wasting a lot of paper when someone orders multiple items. I’m open to suggestions to make this look better.

    Thanks in advance,



I have the same problem as Jacy, on how the options are displayed, both in the cart, review pages, invoices, etc. I also have many options (up to 10), most with long text fields. Impossible to read and does not display correctly. I need them to be horizontal and not vertical and have the layout so that the column with the options is not so narrow.