Help me understand suppliers / drop shipping features

I have been playing with CS-Cart for a few days, and I still don’t entirely understand how the drop shipping features work.

Here is what I know…the Suppliers feature automatically emails an order to the drop shipping supplier once the order is updated to “processed”.

Here is what I do not understand…

  1. If an order has products from two different suppliers, can I selectively send the drop ship order to one supplier and not the other (if, for example, I have a question for the customer before finalizing the order for one supplier, but the order for the other supplier is good-to-go).

  2. Is there a “paper trail” when the order is emailed to a supplier…i.e. can I be cc’d on the email or is it stored in the db where I can access it if there’s a misunderstanding?

  3. Is there any other way to pass orders to suppliers? For example, I’d like to send suppliers a daily csv with all their orders, or have a place they could log in to see/print all of their orders. I do not see Supplier as an available field in the Export Orders area, and I do not see orders in the Data feed section.

    And if any of you who do a lot of drop shipping have any advice on best practices, I’d love to hear it.