Help me please


i have problem for import product .csv

On last 2.2.1 version i have import ( with no problem ) 9500 product …

I exported all of VPS and updated to v2.2.3

Everything works fine, but these days I have gained a seller with 10000 products …

I mapped all the categories (Excel), and are ready to import all the products …

I can only 50-60 to import products at a time.

I contacted the engineers, and I did everything I wrote (very nice)

Responses of engineers:

  1. Please make sure That the. Csv file has the UTF-8 encoding without the byte order mark (BOM)
  2. Please rename the. “Txt” files to. “Csv”. Also I recommend you to create four CSV-files instead of one in order to import products faster and without problems.
  3. In order to resolve this issue, please place The following part of code:

    'tmp' => 'text / plain',

    after this one:

    'txt' => 'text / plain',

    in the “fn.fs.php” file located in the “core” directory of your CS-Cart installation.

    Can you help me please?

    I have a VPS, and I can edit the file php.ini

    I have also increased in local.config.php memory_limit = 128M …

    I do not know 'what to do …

    The file is correct, but only 50/60 care products at a time

    Thank'you in advance

Do you have any errors in your php error_log file. That is the quickest pointer to problems you may be encountering.