Help me on discount coupon


I’d like to give discount coupon code to some buyers but I’m new to this. Please give me advice and find attachements to help me out.

  1. as attached, how can I generate discount coupon code to give customers?
  2. for example, to give 10% D/C on specific customer, I tried to make promo as attached but I’m not sure.

  • General: 10% discount
  • Condition: I put specifice name I want to give D/C
  • Bonuses: I put “order discount”: by the percentage of the original price: 10

    I put “give coupon” 10% coupon

    What exactly means “order discount” and again 10% coupon as attached? customer can get discounted both 20%? or she can use 10% coupon on next order?

    I’m not quite sure on this. Is there anybody to clarigy those?

    Thank you for your help in advance!!!