Help Me center this

can someone please inform me of how to center the pic at the top of my homepage?


for some reason you’ve got your analytics script hidden there.

I suggest you remove that table and add the image by itself.

PM if you need more help then this

I don’t use this skin, but I think you added the image into welcome.tpl or site layout…

When I look at your source code, I see:



You have 2 columns in this code. If you get rid of

you will end up with just one column.

Aslo, your center code should be in your td brackets...



worked like a charm. thanks a million.

one more thing. how do i get rid of that white space separating the top section from the center section?

Again, not using same skin, but either in top.tpl or top menu tpl, comment out:



You can comment it out by putting
before the code and
after the code.
you probably don't want to delete out that code completely because it has your language options in that code, so you decide to use it later, you can remove the brackets and stars.

rock on man. that worked perfectly…many thanks…I got a lot of learning to do.

that would be “rock on woman!” LOL

One good source is


They have a lot of good html and css tutorials. Have fun!

my bad, you go girl!..