Help - Manufacturer in Datafeed.php needed


I have an automated datafeed.php and I have to extract also the Manufacturer information form the database.

The info I need is located in the variant_id field in product_features_values table having feature_id = 5 (this is the manufacturer id).

I updated the .php file with:


$prod_producator = db_query(“SELECT :product_features_values.variant_id

FROM ?:product_features_values

WHERE ?:product_features_values.feature_id = ‘5’”); ```

```php print

$prod_producator… ```

but when I view the .php file it shows:

Resource id #122

can anybody tell me what I have done wrong, I am not good with .php



Nobody has any idea?

Replace db_query function with db_get_field.

Thanks a lot zeke, after your suggestion I managed to make it work