Help. Main page set up

So I have been working with my web page for a while. I have been trying to figure it all out, but im not getting as far as I would like as quick as I would like. On my main page all I have is all my products in a (hot deals ) category that scrolls through them. I did not set it up that way or name it hot deals. I am looking to get my product below that in boxes like I have seen in most of the websites. How do I do that?

This is pretty basic; you might save yourself some time by taking a basic look at the manual. In this case… assuming that you're using 4.x., you'll find what you're looking for in Design (top right) :: Layouts. Also, here are a few links:

[url=“”][/url] (go to Design :: Layouts on the right)

[url=“CS-Cart Documentation — CS-Cart 4.15.x documentation”]CS-Cart Documentation — CS-Cart 4.15.x documentation

Thank you for your reply, I have looked at that guide. I have been working with the layouts and block editing, and I am not making any progress. I have also been looking over the store demo online to see how it is set up, I don't have some of the options it has, Why am unable to get it set up like the store demo.

If my web page was the store demos page I have the HOT DEALS section, but cant get the ON SALE section set up.

I have looked over they guide and it wont guide me through each step, since it says some things and I cant even find what it wants.

Any other help? Thank You

The store demo is running V4.1, which is due for release “by the end of the month”, however, I don't know if that release schedule is still planned as that was CS-Cart's response at the beginning of December.

4.1 has some new front-end features such as the “Brands” slider which you see on the demo.

In regards to “On Sale”, create a “Products” block. On the Content tab for that block, select Filling: On Sale.

If you go here to the admin side of the homepage you will see they set a block up Called it Sale and added categories to it that they wanted to be on sale


user and pass is and admin I think

As for laying out the homepage you would acheive most things by using the block system, adding new .html blocks with your .html content inside for anything else.


Thank You for all your response. I have been able to get a little farther than I did before. This still is not very easy to use like I thought it would be.