Help in setting up Shipping, 2.1.2

This is a new store, and this is my first time, and things aren’t terribly obvious to me.

This is a web store for a bricks-and-mortar supplier. This company keeps things in its own stock and fulfills the orders itself. It isn’t, say, like Amazon in that it doesn’t do any referrals or associates. So when shipping the delivery person comes to this company’s door, picks up the goods and delivers them to the customer.

OK, added a couple of suppliers (Admin, Shipping/Taxes, Shipping Methods): UPS 3-Day, USPS. I ensure they are active, and pointing to real shipping service listings in CS-Cart.

I now enter an order. I’m told that no shipping options are available for this location. I change that product to “free shipping” (in its Product editor) and refresh the checkout page. I get “free shipping” as the only shipping choice.

I’m told that perhaps I need to set up a Supplier. So I set up the company itself as the supplier (name, address, contact info). This didn’t get me any closer.

In Admin, Settings, Shipping, the shipping is “not disabled”. I see no setting like “enable shipping”, just the negative question.

I hear of people in the forum about setting up the shipping addon, but I don’t think it is a 2.1 addon.

Is there a real easy thing that I am not doing here? And can I delete that Supplier entry, because I don’t like keeping around unneccessary baggage.

Thank you very much for help,


Suppliers are really more like drop-shippers. If everything you ship comes from inventory then you don’t want to use suppliers at alll. It should really be drop-shipper versus supplier since one who only deals with inventory buys it from their supplier…

Get rid of your suppliers and you’ll probably be okay. Normally that message relates to a problem with Locations. Is the address you are using match one and only one location? I.e. you can’t have Kansas in two different locations.

I have no Suppliers now.

Let’s concentrate on UPS. I’m selecting UPS, 3-day USA. It is active. On the “Settings: Shipping settings” I have UPS enabled. I have Locations “Default”, “Canada” and “USA” all active. In the USA location there is United States for the country, all of the states and territories for the States, and nothing for zip, city or address settings. It doesn’t matter to my current result if “All” is selected, or if “All”, “Guest” and “Registered” are all selected.

In the States and Country setters, USA and the states of the union are all active.

In “Settings: Suppliers”, all three checkboxes are set, although I no longer have any suppliers for them to affect.

I’m still not having any shipping methods show up (big orange errors) on the checkout page.

Assume you are NOT using UPS realtime quotes.

I’d get rid of any supplier configurations if you’re not using suppliers.

Do you have a Default location setup in your admin panel (your business address)?

In the (Admin, Settings, Default location) I have a filled-in business.

Method realtime or static?

Supplier info all gone?

I tested this config and still no joy.

You’re not answering my questions… Makes it difficult to help.

You wanted to know if I removed the suppliers, and if the shippers had static pricing. I said so, but not clearly it seems.

I have no suppliers in the Suppliers list.

I have UPS 3-Day USA set up as static pricing.

And, of course, nothing shows.

I looked at CS-Cart Documentation — CS-Cart 4.15.x documentation, and that didn’t help either.

Thanks for your help so far, though. I’m appreciative of all the assistance I can find.


[QUOTE]I have UPS 3-Day USA set up as static pricing[/QUOTE]

That is a “Realtime” shipping rate selection, not something you would select for a static (or manual) calculated rate, you are confusing the two methods it appears.

Go back to the basics & setup a “Manual Shipping Rate Method” and get that working for you first, their should be directions in the KB for this.

Acutally Struck, he can name the method anything he wants. I’m assuming he has the radio selection set to Manual and NOT Realtime…

If that is true, then the problem is in the location definition.

Can’t really troubleshoot these via the forum since there are too many little things that can go awry. And I don’t work on sites without compensation.

So I think I’ve offered all I have here.

And tbirnseth, even if I find my answer somehow else, I’m learning lots about shipping just from your comments. Thanks a lot.


You are welcome. Goal here is to educate where possible, but some things simply require a review with a fine-toothed comb. Unfortunately you started out with it over-complicated (Suppliers when not needed) and then got simpler. So there’s something that was probably missed in the procesess.

One question I forgot to ask… Where in the checkout process is the message occuring? At the beginning or after the Shipping area?

It is in the locations, but it could be easier, or better explained in the manual.

Let’s concentrate on UPS. If you want to use realtime location/shipping cost calculations, if it isn’t set up right then CS-Cart doesn’t include UPS as a valid shipper. If that was your only option, then you have nothing that can ship to your shipping location, as the message proclaimed.

Suppose you use manual pricing. Do you have a location set up for (Default, United States, State, City, etc.)? The lowest-level location you’ve set up is tried first. If that location has a non-zero rate somewhere, then the rate for that location is the one to use for that shipping address.

My problem is that I was using zero-cost rates. Apparently zero doubles as “disabled” or “unavailable”.

I’m going to try now for realtime rates.

Thanks to all.


Yes, zero cost means the rate doesn’t apply because there is no “rate”.