Help! How Do I Disable An Addon From File Manager Cpanel?


I am experiencing difficulties on one of my websites and contacted my hosting provider.

They told me where the issue is and it is within a particular addon. I can not access my admin panel to disable the add on. So, I wanted to disable the add on and then contact the developer.

How can I disable addon from my cpanel file manager??

I am not totaly sure what he told me is true though.

I think what happened was I let my files build up too much before clearing my cache. This has happened in the past and I have to manually delete the cache and then contact my host provider and they do something at that point.

Go to phpMyAdmin, check the cscart_addons table and change status value for the corresponding addon

Then go to file manager and delete the var/cache directory

It should help

That worked!

Thank you.

You are welcome!