[HELP] Hide Products?

Some products I would like to show as “sold out” and other products I would like to be in the backend but not to display at all on the customer side. Is there any way to do the latter?

You mean in admin “Manage products” Then what ever “category” Untick Avail. on the right hand side plan of the product you dont wont showing ? It stays in the admin side but not in the storefront


I click on manage products, i then UNCHECK available, i then CHECK the products main checkbox and hit UPDATE, the product then becomes greyed out but still displays in the cart?!

Hmm mate well i dont no why that is our site seems ok.

Your not using your HTML catalog for your site ?

How can I add products to the backend and disable them from being viewed on the front-end?

usually just by doint the above…uncheck unavailable and it will gray out and shoulnt apear on teh product list, mabey there is a bug in there. i have dont that with some of my products and they do not appear in my list.

clear your template cache and refresh your browser