Help - FedEx Smart Post and USPS Parcel Post

Hi All,

I am having problems getting the FedEx SmartPost to configure and work for us. We have all the proper codes from FedEx to start using this service but it is just not working?

And for the USPS Parcel Post, I just do not see any options to use this service? If this is not an option does anyone have a mod that will offer this? Be glad to pay for this mod. Thanks


No one can help? I am surprised all the CS-Cart users and no one uses FedEx SmartPost or USPS Parcel Select? Anyone? Please?


+1 on this. We've set up a number of shipping methods in MV4.01 (Fedex Next Day, Fedex 2nd Day, Fedex Ground, Fedex SmartPost, USPS) but for some reason, ONLY Fedex Next Day is returning a result. Nothing else shows up even though all Fedex options are using the same credentials and all methods are activated for the one test vendor in the system.

If I disable Fedex Next Day, I get the “Sorry, no shipping methods for your location” error message.

We have no localizations, and the idea is that the ecommerce site will work as a consignment-style shop (vendors can add products but they have no interaction with buyers). So really, the shipping should be as easy as entering a few options:

Warehouse Pickup (free for local customers)

Fedex Next Day

Fedex 2nd Day

Fedex Ground

and possibly UPS/USPS.

USPS seems to top out at 70lbs and we can connect using test button, but there are errors regarding “Priority Mail should be…, First Class should be…, etc.”

Why doesn't the Fedex setup just require a single realtime account setup and then allow admin to select which speeds or services are available? Magento works this way as well as other cart systems.

Is there a shipping add-on for 4.01 that addresses the shipping issue?