Help Customizing Skin

Hello! I am looking for someone to come alongside me and help me customize my skin. We have a current CS Cart site at I wasn’t the one who designed it so I don’t have a lot of control over changes. So we are redesigning it so I have the ability to make the changes myself as opposed to paying a second person to do it. My goal was to integrate it all by myself so I would know what I am doing, but im pretty frustrated, I am having a ton of trouble with IE everything will be great in safari and firefox then I will open up IE and its all messed up. I also am running into advanced features I am not sure how to do. So I am just wondering if any of you advanced members would be willing to guide me through a few things and help me fix my IE issues. Your help would be greatly appreciated! Here are the links to my design mockups.

Home Page - [url][/url]

Category Page- [url][/url]

Products Page - [url][/url]

Product Page - [url][/url]

Yo dude. I can see you need some help, but I don’t see it so fair to expect that level of involvement without some form of offer to pay for the hours it will obviously take. Sorry, I don’t want to be rude. But don’t panic!

I would try and persevere with it. I have only been hacking CS for 6 weeks, and I can see how it is complex. If you use Firebug, and do small changes at a time, and test in IE7. It’s the only way to know for sure where the issue is. I use Macs, but IE is a monster, and will break everything if it gets the chance. Run a cheapo PC next to your mac, and test as you go.

If you find a bug, then search the forums. Most stuff can be done in the main CSS. More major stuff in the .tpl files. Its kind try it and see. Dreamweaver is more or less useless, other than slicing up your images.

And be prepared to tweak your design to what you can achieve, i.e. move stuff around a bit, soi

if it is nearer so it is nearer the original location in the original .tpl Or you will be hacking 4 or 5 templates just to get the placement how you want and x 5 the bugs.

Good luck, and keep at it. You will get there, and then you can manage the thing when it’s done. I would go back to your client and ask for more money, as it’s not a normal website job. Hope this helps.