Help cs-cart data transfer between staging & live site

I have the need to update the complete product catalog every 3 months in large 35,000 store. (Quarterly data updates from Wholesale supplier)

I have been doing this by importing CSV files (in small chuncks) to the live store. I find it really slow and if the data in not quite right I might have to redo it.

I was considering a new method. I was thinking I would refresh a cs-cart store running locally, then just restore the appropriate MySQL tables back to the live site.

I use NaviCat to do my MySQL work.

The questions I have are.

  1. If I want to quickly remove the entire product catalog and all things related to it, which tables must be emptied?

  2. An if want to dump the local tables, and restore them on the live site, which table must be included?

    I’m thinking these








    Note all the data being imported has the same product_id as the data being removed, except of course new products. So links back to previously ordered products from Order History still work.

    Are there tables I should not touch? Or other best practice I should employ?