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Can anyone help me work out the best way of adding images to my products? I have uploaded all the products to the /images/backup folder on the server, and in the CSV I'm uploading the images are simply names after their product code. For example, a product with the code 123456 has 123456.png entered in the detailed image field in my CSV.

Whenever I upload products using a whole product CSV, or just images using a specific image CSV, everything looks like it's worked but I don't get any images show up in any products.

Please let me know if you know what I'm doing wrong.


make sure your image folder has 777 permissions and double check your image paths. for uPPER case or lower case errors in the filename AND extention


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make sure your image folder has 777 permissions and double check your image paths. for uPPER case or lower case errors in the filename AND extention



I've done that but still no joy I'm afraid. Is there a guide to uploading images somewhere? I don't understand whether I need to upload detailed images, normal images and/or thumbnails, and I don't know where to put them and what to put in the importer (in the admin) and in the CSV itself.

Can anyone help?…d-fields-format

if you struggle, try and post a copy of your .csv here just one or two lines


I'm trying to get it set up so that I don't need to put the full path in the CSV, just the image name. Is that possible? The docs seems to suggest it is.

I have currently got this in the importer admin: /home/fmad/public_html/images/backup/detailed/

The images are currently in here: /images/backup/detailed/000013.png

Should that import with just 000013.png in the detailed image part of the CSV?

OK, so this is actually working now! However, the images are being resized into thumbnails by just resizing the full size image in the browser, rather than actually shrinking down the image properly. As a result, images are taking quite a while to load. Is there any way around this?

The image in the backup folder should stay the same size, the other images are produced from that depending on the setting in your admin. Folders are made for these images in the size you have set.

It's just not resizing any of my images for the thumbnails for some reason. Any idea why this might be?

Dont importthe the thumbnail field…this should be left blank as CS will re size the thumb itself when importing the detailed image

Put the images in a folder on the server, the default is /images/backup if your use that then all you need is the file names in this column “Detailed image”

Done about 2000 in the last week.

Do your thumbnails actually resize and create new images? Or are they just shrunk down in the browser? Mine just seem to be shrunk in the browser, but are still the full resolution and hence the thumbnails take ages to load on each page.

no re created as long as you ONLY import the detailed image field CS will do it.

That's strange, mine just isn't doing this for some reason. I've put a request into support but I've not heard back yet. Do you know of any reason why this may not be working for me? I'm definitely only uploading the detailed images.

I think you might have hit the biggest “issue” with importing data in cs-cart.

It won't overwright data already in the database with blank data. If you have already imported thumnails via the csv file you'll have delete those.

As I've nver had the problem I would be able to advise but the easy way is to delete the product and reimport them.

Wow I just deleted all the products and re-imported them and I think it worked! Thanks for the help :)