Hellobar In Cs-Cart

Has anyone achieved on creating a Hellobar [https://www.hellobar.com/] for cs-cart?

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Has anyone achieved on creating a Hellobar ["]https://www.hellobar.com/] for cs-cart?


See this: Free Addon WoahBar - like Hellobar free Solution- - Third-Party Add-ons - CS-Cart Community Forums

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See this: http://forum.cs-cart…-free-solution/


Hi John,

It's not available for v4.x

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Hi John,

It's not available for v4.x


Try contacting the developer and ask if it is going to be updated for V4



Yeah, I've tried but he seems to be bit busy.

Btw how can I implement a html block and create it as a hook?

That way, I would be able to implement it.



Just add a html-block in your footer and paste in the javascript.

Hi guys this is version 4.x ready




if you like this please feel free to share it through social buttons at the product page.

Hi fotis,

We tried it in 4.0.3 but it is not working in ours. While we studied the code, it seems that, class '[font=Consolas,]woahbar' and '[/font][font=Consolas,]close-notify[/font][font=Consolas,]' [/font]are both set to display:none.

Is it a reason for not working?

Hi NaMo

Let me check this and get back to you.

Those classes are ok, and they work fine in a 413 I just installed…

Hi again

It works fine in 403 also.

Few things to check for you

  1. The banner should be Text not graphic (as per instructions)
  2. clean you cache


In 4.1.2 it works fine. Thanks Fotis ))

Hi dvsgr,

We tried as per your instructions but still it is not showing.


maybe you have another addon that uses jquery and conflicts?

Cant say If I dont havea a look. You can pm me your url