Hello I would need have an advice

Hi community again I know its doe not have with cs cart but :-)

I bought few months ago IXXO cart but I was not very impressed with their product and tried resolve that with them immediately

of course company did not accept any refund and we did not do any success through paypal resolution centre :-(

Cart cost 357 USD :-( but now I decided my partner could use this software I was not able to log in to my account :-) its a very strange business tactics :-) of course when I tried forgotten password I have got your email was not fond :-) They banned me ! I tried contact them and now seems they play cat and mouse with me :-)

ok now I would need this advice that I have asked before

where could I make complain about the company ( they have got branch in the UK )

How about small court or trading standard ?

Might I have any chance with that ?

Sorry and Have a nice day

PS: I know they are reading this forum :-)

I've never heard of it to be honest, Googled it. 3rd result. Do your research thoroughly before spending your cash next time.

10,995 companies are registered at this postcode, therefore this is probably a mail forwarding company, not the company you think has a hand in “Ixxo Cart”. Dozens of companies are registered at “69 Great Hampton Street”, so the chances of tracking their real identity are somewhere in the region of slim to none.

As for the German company “Ixxo Ltd”

owner-name: Michael Kokou

owner-company: IXXO Ltd

owner-address: Friedrich-Ebert-Str.

owner-city: Bergisch Gladbach

owner-state: DE

owner-country: DE

owner-postcode: 51429

owner-telephone: +49.2204982020

Good luck - you're going to need it in plentiful supply I'm afraid.

IMO you would be better off learning from the experience and moving on.

Hello I know I did mistake but you know no body is perfect :-)

I found this one

UK Office

69 Great Hampton Street


West Midlands B18 6EW

United Kingdom

Phone: (+44) 121 288 2410

International: (+49) 2204 473920

I do not think its a fake address :-)

here I found who has ixxo uk company :-)

As I said, that address is likely a mail forwarding address. It is highly unlikely there are any active companies present at the address except for the company running the mail forwarding scheme.

The second company profile you have linked to, “Ixxos Ltd” from “SATURN FACILITIES EPHRAM PILLIPS HOUSE, 54-76 BISSELL STREET, BIRMINGHAM, WEST MIDLANDS, UNITED KINGDOM, B5 7HP” is again likely a mail forwarding business. There are countless businesses using this address as their registered office.

“Ixxos Ltd” previously traded from “9TH FLOOR CENTRE CITY TOWER, 7 HILL STREET, BIRMINGHAM, WEST MIDLANDS, B5 4UA, UNITED KINGDOM” - again, same story, mail forwarding or similar. Previous to that they were registered at “REGUS SECOND FLOOR, 3 BRINDLEY PLACE, BIRMINGHAM, WEST MIDLANDS, B1 2JB, UNITED KINGDOM”

Company Director: MR ASA TESTOT

There is currently a proposal to strike off “Ixxos Ltd” as overdue accounts and returns have not been filed for almost 6 months.

Chances of getting anything back: None. Ask the Director for your money back on Facebook.

Hello I know that will be on very far fingers :-) I contacted ombudsman :-) important is we are still healthy :-)