hello from hawaii and I need some urgent help

Aloha, I am working with cs-cart for a Hawaii based company.

I am quite the newbie but I learn fast. If this question has been answered my apologies. Please link me to the thread.

Okay, so here it goes.

I am running v1.3.4-sp3

My boss wants me to create a membership section of our cs-cart store.

I have read the user manual and I mostly understand memberships and discounts. What I cannot figure out is how I can sell a membership.

For example:

Let’s say we have Membership1, Membership2, and Membership3. Each of varying price and varying benefits based on discounts.

Let’s also say we have created a MEMBERSHIP category and respectively created products called Membership1, Membership2, and Membership 3.

I know how to link a membership to a discount. I also know how to make a product.

But for god’s sake how do I connect a membership and discount to a product that I can sell?




i’m not sure if i read this right, but anyways

how about on the product pages under the Wholesale Prices Tab where you can assign a product price to a specific membership level? (after you have created that membership Level of course)

I do not want to discount the price of purchasing a membership.

I literally want to sell memberships on my store.

I want to sell a certain membership called PNTV ohana for $45 that provides a storewide 15% discount.

I want to sell a nother membership called PNTV single for $35 that provides a storewide 10% discount.

I know how to make global discounts and membership levels.

What I am trying to figure out is how to list these memberships as products for users to buy into. So for $35 the user buys a PNTV single membership and upon check out, automatically gets the membership level single membership applied to their user name.

I do not manually want to go through all users who purchase the product called pntv single membership and have to manually change their membership level to single membership.

I want this process to be automatic, the moment they checkout.

IS this possible?

I’m about 97% sure that you cannot do this as of yet.

ahhh…now i understand

i agree with matt…

the only way would be to do it manually that I am aware of…

setting up memberships and assigning a “level” based on subscription price is common with subscription type sites, by returning a postback from the cc processor with the appropriate information carried back via the post.

I suspect it could be done, but i really don’t think it is a feature out of the box…


alright, thanks.

Just wanted to say Aloha back from your neighbor! :wink:

Don’t think this can be done without the manual work…

just out of curiosity… what do you sell??