Hellas Pay payment gateway

Hi guys

Is there in the Greek community any interest in helping developing the Hellas pay payment gateway?

I need 5 or 6 people for this if any interested in that.

More details about that in https://www.hellaspay.gr/el/

I find it is a very good service as they intergrate installments, a creditcard slot for smartphones, and you can buy its services also on manya locations in Greece.

A special price for those who will help developing is to take in concideration. (35% OFF)

Let me know here or in info@dvs.gr


Hey guys,

nobody from Greek community for this?

There is a cs cart / Hellas Pay module available at webit, should play ok on CS Cart 2.x.x. and 3.x.x.


Hellas Pay has been renamed / rebranded to Viva Payments, the payment gateway has been updated accordingly:


hi again

This is a finished product for sale.

If there is somenone who needs that , he can contact me.