Header is all messed up

Hello all!

I have been staring at this for a while now and i just can’t seem to solve it. The header at [URL]http://www.kinderfietsverkoop.nl/[/URL] is totally messed up.

Would someone here know where I went wrong?

This is what it is supposed to look like:



I’d replace the top.tpl to see if that fixes the problem, another issue is the popup larger images are so large they fly off my screen, I can barely see the handle bars off the edge of my screen of the scooters…

I replaced the top.tpl with the original (or at least a very early version I can’t seem to find a download of the brickworksteel template anywwhere) but that did not help at all I am sad to say. If you take a look at it now http://www.kinderfietsverkoop.nl you will see the same problem.

As far as the popup images is concearned I am aware of this issue and this will be fixed later. I assume that cs-cart can’t automatically resize the images itself?

Looks like somebody whacked your CSS with a sledge hammer!

For starters try this:

Line #14 or your style.css (/template/customer/) delete the attribute “min-width”.

I am still looking at the rest but kinda hard without my fingers on the source code.

Hello Dave,

Removing that line helped enormously!!! Thank you for that! At least now the header isn’t way to wide, like it was. Now ‘all’ I have to get done is have the rounded corners of the header back into position:D .