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I have two questions.

  1. If you go to my site: www.monstercableguy.com look at the top of the page. There are several links in light grey. How do I add/remove individual links up there?

  2. Right above those links or to the left side of them I would like to write some text “24/7 Customer Service - 1-817-400-4271.” How would I do this?

To add, edit, or remove the links you would login to you your admin.

Go to:

admin => design => quick links

From there just remove the ones you want.

To add your phone number, I’d first try to just create a new quick link and put in your information. I’m not sure if it will look the way you want, but you could probably change you style sheet to do what you want.


Thanks for the quick reply. If you go to the site now, you can see where I added it , but I need it all the way over to the left and maybe in black text.

Go to [url]http://www.zappos.com/[/url] I want it to look similar to that. Is there anyway to add a background color/ solid bar like they did?

After looking at my site and where I have the logo, I’ve decided a solid bar would not look good since the logo area has rounded edges at the top of the page. I just need to make “24/7 customer service” more visible and aligned to the left.

You could try changing your quick links style to:

.quick-links {


.quick-links a, .quick-links a:visited, .quick-links a:active, .quick-links a:hover {

You could play around a bit with these two sections of code and probably get what you want.


Thanks for the tips. I actually want to keep the quicklinks to the right. Then have the customer service bit to the left. Any ideas?

This should probably be in a new thread, but if you notice at the bottom of the page I have a comodo rating bar. How could I put it in the bottom white box where the search and copyright is located. I would like to put it left of all of that.

Okay, I figured out how to move the trust logo.

On to the next question.

In the upper right corner if you scroll over the “company” text it had a drop down. How do i add/remove from that specific list without affecting any of the Quicklinks or pages?

Also, I still need help moving the “24/7 customer service” to left alignment in the header while keeping the Quicklinks to the right.

I’m not sure about moving the one top link over yet, but to change your Company menu items you would go to:

admin => design => top menu


Do you think it looks better how it is now with just the “My Account” or with all of the other links up top?

I think I liked it better with the other links. Now your header is just too empty.


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Also, I need help choosing individual items for the drop down. It let’s me choose all or one.

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