<head> edit for: Configure Conversion Pixel Code - Google Power Editor on Facebook conversion tracking

Heeeellllpppp Please! I’ve been messing with this for a quite while, technical is not my strength, art and design is. Challenge:

[color=#333333]Configuring and placing conversion pixel code - Tracking social ads on facebook with Google Power Editor between and in the page of the website where you want to track conversions - can anyone tell me how to do this for an individual landing page or product/cart checkout event without editing the main index.tpl or index.php?[/color]

Thank you so much for any insight or response! Website: www.fhautism.com → tracking event offer on Facebook from Redirecting...

If it doesn't already exist, otherwise append the code in the following, create this file and place your tracking code in the file:


This will then be added to ALL pages where the meta.tpl file is called, which should be every page on the customer side. You could also add an if controller is page_id = 7, then display code…

If you only wanted this to happen for the checkout, then create the meta.post.tpl in …/my_changes/hooks/checkout/meta.post.tpl

Wow, Thankyou StellarBytes. To confirm, are you stating that the .tpl file would only contain the meta data? And yes, I would only want it for the checkout. If I wanted to include on a landing page, for instance – and have one of our “goals” to be “add to cart” on this landing page: example: http://fhautism.com/ebook-fb-offer/

  1. I've never understood how to easily find the page_id or category_id # - any helpful hints?
  2. If I botch my efforts on this thing, are you available for hire to create the meta.post.tpl file(s) and if so how much?



Is this the same for 2.2.4?