Hazardous goods surcharge?

Hi, Im new to cs cart but loving it so far!

Out of the 300 or so products we have there are about 6 that are classed as hazardous goods. When one of these hazardous goods is included in an order a surcharge of $20 is applied to the shipping.

This is only applied per order containing a hazardous good, not per hazardous good.

So, if an order has no hazardous goods shipping = $20

if an order has 1 hazardous good shipping = $40

if an order has 2 hazardous goods shipping = $40

if an order has 3 hazardous goods shipping = $40

I guess the way I see it working is that an item is tagged as hazardous, and if 1 or more of these items is included in the cart the surcharge is added.

I hope I have made sense and I hope someone has as answer :slight_smile:


For the record - it cant be done.

I'll be setting up some hazardous materials for sale soon. I've been told that I can only ship 128 ounces of each product per package, and I can't combine more than one hazardous material in a single package. Did you have to deal with that? How did you get around it?