Have To Buy Packs X Amount - Set / Package But Not Separate


I have some products that are sold in sets of 5 but I would like the customer to choose which 5 to put in the set.

I have found a few adding for package's but nothing that would do what I want.

In more detail:

I have hand made glass cocktail / drinks stirrers. as they are all hand made they are all different and of various sizes.

I want to add them as seperate products but i want to have them sold in sets of 5, so the customer would have to select 5 of them before they can buy but not less than 5 and not more than 5 unless they add another set of 5.

Also I see greetings cards. again I want to add them as separate items but want to sell them in sets of 4.

is there anyway to do this is cascaras current form?

are there any addons I can buy that would do this?

is it possible to commission someone to build an add-on to do this? would rather buy a pre-existing add-on if possible.

many thanks