Have Email Sent To Abandoned Cart Users With Promotion

Recently I viewed an item on a website then left without purchasing. A day later I received an email with that product I was viewing offering free shipping on it if I came back and purchased. It worked, I went back and bought it. Can CS-Cart do this?

how did they get your email address?

I have purchased from them before and have an account.

Not heard to do, but 90+%of abandoned carts will not have contact info.

I am currently trying to do this myself.

In General, Settings, under Users/Cart, allow shopping for unlogged customers: Select “Hide add to cart button”.

Customers have to register before adding to cart, so you get their email address.

Then set up a discount newsletter to go out automatically a few days after an abandoned cart/wishlist.

(Make sure you have that discount set up.)

On other sites they get you to register details before even browsing, if this is possible here please let me know.

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Recently I viewed an item on a website then left without purchasing. A day later I received an email with that product I was viewing offering free shipping on it if I came back and purchased. It worked, I went back and bought it. Can CS-Cart do this?


Yes, it is possible. But you can do it only manually. For example, check the following demo newsletter (check the Send to section):

Instant Demo - CS-Cart Multi-Vendor Demo Try Free for 15 days

Customers with abandoned - Cart and Wishlist - for which is - x - days old

So you can create coupon for free shipping, add information about your offer to the newsletter body and send e-mails

Personally I would rather not require them to register before browsing. That's a turn-off for me when shopping online and I'm sure it'll be for others as well. Also would hiding the Add to Cart button make it seem difficult to purchase from the site and further deter them? In my past experience, making the site as easy as possible to navigate and understand goes a long way in keeping people on your site longer. Most people won't realize that the reason they can't find the Add to Cart button is because they're not registered or logged in.

I'd have to agree with @Brennie389.

You're going to put off many customers who will buy for trying to capture and convince the few who don't.

Maybe you should contact the customers you can personally and find out why they chose to bail out. You might find that there is a cause you can just fix.

Yes that might be a better idea. I don't want my website to be intrusive or demanding. Those are huge deterrents for me & I am sure I'm not alone. Another thing I CANNOT STAND, are the ones that when you click the X to close the window, they do a pop-up asking if I'm sure I want to leave. Those folks don't care about the user experience.

Would it be possible to do something like a newsletter/IP address and/or cookie match? For instance if the customer subscribes to your mailing list, and if the IP address is captured along with the email address…then if they return in the future and add some items into the shopping cart but never checkouts you (or the software automatically anyhow) could match up the current IP address from the cart with the IP address in the mailing list. Or also maybe put some type of cookie on their browser to identify them when they return so after they load up the shopping cart but never finish the checkout. Of course if they occasionally wipe out their cookies or jump around on IP addresses then this would not work…but it could be a way of sending them the cart reminder email without being intrusive in your store.

This would only work if they subscribe to your email / newsletters but if it could be automated it might bring in some sales?


After installing 4.03. This is the first time I tried to send newsletter from cscart. But before Sending when I send a test mail, it shows following error.

But our email is working properly…

ErrorSMTP Error: Could not authenticate.

ErrorMessage could not be sent.

Mailer Error: SMTP Error: Could not authenticate.

Is this a bug ? If now what may be the reason ? Can anybody help me ?

Waiting for your response…


The credentials you provided fur SMTP settings are wrong.

Thanks for your reply…

But I gave “Secure SSL/TLS Settings” as well as “Non-SSL Settings” at Manage addons–>news & emails—>Settings

I have also tried with checked and unchecked “use SMTP authentication” but not same error we are getting…

Pls help…


Well, the message returned says that it can't authenticate. This would either be a bad server name, username or password (or all three). Using the wrong port for your SMTP server would also result in an authentication failure.

Thank you so much for your reply…

We have checked everything as per your suggestion except port. i.e here there is no place to put port for SMTP. May be this will be the reason. My port is

Secure SSL/TLS Settings

outgoing server: SMTP Port: 465

and for Non-SSL Settings

outgoing server: SMTP Port: 26

Can you help me in this…

Waiting for your response…


server.com:[port number]


Thank You so much for your kind help. Now It is working by using Non-SSL Settings .

Is there any problem if we use Non-SSL setting instead of Secure SSL/TLS Settings. If yes what may be the problem ?

For your kind information… I have purchased dedicated Ip as well as SSL certificate from the hosting provider.

Waiting for your response…


Secure communication is always better than not. You can work with your hosting provider to diagnose the problems.