Have Cs-Cart Developers Made A Chinese Finger Trap.

CS-Cart Version 3.3.3

I have decided to move to an Australian hosted SAAS but CS-Cart image export

is in a format that can't be read by another non-CS-cart site.

Let's take one particular image for example.

www MYSITE. com /images /detailed/ 21/lim20.JPG?t=1437805793

the actual URL is www . MYSITE. com/images/detailed/21/lim20.JPG

and the export format is exim/backup/images/lim20.JPG#{[en]:;}

Moving between different versions of CS-Cart is easy but it looks

like there will have to be a LOT of manual editing to achieve my goal.

I have about 2400 images to import into my new cart.

What I giant SUCK !!

Unless of course ( and I dearly hope I have ) missed something.

You can correct the fn_export_image function (app/controllers/backend/exim.php) according to your needs

If I had the faintest idea how to implement your suggestion then I most likely
would not be thinking about leaving...lol
Thank you very much for your suggestion though.