Have a look at my layout please

Could you check my site please.

www.elitesportswear.co.uk and let me know if it views ok for you.

its only std skin but is showing all squashed up on some monitors and ok on others.

There is supposed to be 3 featured product columns across middle .

Not sure how to fix so appears ok on all.




Everything overhangs the middle. The top header is easy to fix. Right now you have an image called centre_header.gif with a width of 916px. If you reduce the size of the image down to 850px than the header looks fine.

The content is a little harder though. I’m out of town and on my laptop so I don’t have all the skins sitting in front of me so I can’t tell you what code to change. I do know that right now your main table for the grid layout has is set to:

cellpadding=“3” cellspacing=“3”

If you set both of these to 0 than everything fits in.

I hope that at least points you in the right direction.


Thanks for looking, I assumed the std cs cart default magenta skin would suit most screens, maybe I speak to support.


HI john,

what slide show script are you using?


Ola :slight_smile:

Right now, on google crome it looks perfect, maybe you already solved the problem…

That is just a xml / flash banner rotator. I use the same one on my site.

You can purchase it at:

[url]Buy Plugins & Code from CodeCanyon

Active Den also has all sorts of other rotators and flash things.


Thx Brandon, beat me to it.