Has anyone used the PayLeap Gateway successfully with 3.0.3

I have been trying to get the PayLeap payment processing to work with Ultimate 3.0.3. I have contacted PayLeap to make sure I am using the correct Username and Password when setting up the interface. Unfortunately, when I try to check out I keep getting the following error message. “Payment processor response: Invalid Login Information” So I was interested in knowing if any other CS-Cart users are successfully using the PayLeap Gateway with V3.0.3 or V3 in general.

Thank you.

Just and update. I was able to get the PayLeap Gateway to work with CS-Cart Ultimate 3.0.3. After doing some testing with a PayLeap support technician we found that the “Test” Mode in the CS-Cart Credit Card Addon does not work properly. Once the Mode was set to “Live”, the Gateway worked properly.