Has Anyone Heard From Shippingkit.com?

I've been trying for a couple of months to get a hold of ShippingKit.com and have not been able to. They have a few mods we would like to get updated for CS. I was just curious if anyone else has had any luck or knows the scoop.

They are extremely busy when I contacted them last, normally takes a few days before they get to your email.

Very cool! I can imagine it is pretty crazy with the upgrades. I think it may have also been because I was asking questions on old tickets instead of starting new ones. So I started a new one today. I was getting worried they may be gone. They've always done a good job for us.

Forgot to update here. We did hear back from shippingkit.com! Here was their reply…


We are working on rewriting of the paid addons, but due to a complexity of the upgrade there will be some fee for upgrade to CS-Cart 4.x

Those free addons do not require significant changes, so their upgraded version appears earlier.


Is there any news about Shippingkit?

I could really use an addon for shipping rate calculations.

We tried emailing them months ago for a client.. no reply.