Has anyone got Store Importer to work?


I've tried to upgrade a couple of sites from Version 2.4 to Version 3.02 and none of them have worked.

Images, templates etc don't get carried over and new site doesn't display properly.

Upgrades have been attempted on different hosts so it cant be a problem with the hosting.

Has anyone sucessfully upgraded to Version 3.02?

Our site was upgraded that way and it all worked great.

I did have to move images manually from one site to the other.

Installed new 3.02 version on a subdirectory within the same domain.

Than installed the import tool in 3.02 in add ons

Selected the path and seemed to work.

I did do some exports and imports also manually like users and products first.

my migration went 50/50 and decided to hold off due to custom modifications that either did not work or require further re-working.

I had to copy my images folder manually after migration to get product and content page images to appear. Other than that all core stuff migrated 100%. It's just any modifications or addons that don't work.

Any custom HTML blocks, specifically in block groups, did not migrate.

Block locations defaulted to left grid only. I had to delete and basically redesign the grid and meta tag information.

Skins did not migrate; therefore requires me to basically redesign all my sites.

I also had addons from snorocket that do not work due to new block changes in the DB. That is presenting another challenge with my migration. ugg… hopeully he will have an update soon! probally when an official manual or developer design is released.

I did not try migrating into ultimate. that is next on my list as that is a route I want to go next. I hope that goes somewhat smoother.

I really wish there was a good guide for creating new skins. That is my other issue from fully converting live. I understand css, but I don't know what the core hooks / classes v3.x uses to modify. The only reference is to use firebug or similar to locate class elements and find them myself.

i also had to do some twiking on the skin and blocks.

But mine did not have too many mods

check the permissions of your directories.

I have upgraded 4 sites last week. Follow these steps:

1.) Make backups of everything

2.) Clear all logs and stats, avoids it hanging during export/import.

3.) In the old install, make sure you select the BASIC skin before using the store import tool.

I found those the most important steps to follow to successfully import all.

upgrade tool works great. it messes up your installation files. You might need to backup and restore to a clean install of cs-cart 3.0.2 to avoid broken stuff.