Has anyone developed a Pinterest addon?

I messaged BrandonV but have not heard back.

Thank you.

I use the “addthis” (addthis dot com) service. You can choose what social networks you want including pinterest, and the button styles. You grab the code and put it in a block. There are other similar competing services. They also track how many times someone clicks the buttons. Has built in statistics.

I have code on the products page immediately above each product image.


Bob, how did you get the AddThis Pinterest button to work?

There are a couple of posts here on the forum with the Pinterest code, but none of them work 100% correctly – at least for me. I posted one solution, but for some reason it brings the customer back to the homepage after they pin something on Pinterest.

I just installed Free Shareit Buttons Addon - Third-Party Services - CS-Cart Community Forums and it works awesome, but it also brings the customer back to the homepage.

I know this was talked about before and I still don't have a solution for the homepage problem.

I hope that helps though.




You can check the social network on my site to see if it is what you expect or not. I don't have the correct button, the one with just a “P”, but it is available, just did not have time to mess with it. I have the addthis code in a block above all the products. This is an example: [url=“http://treasurechestofgifts.com/ristra-chili-pepper-switchables-stained-glass-ornament.html”]http://treasurechestofgifts.com/ristra-chili-pepper-switchables-stained-glass-ornament.html[/url]

I just added a block on the home page for you to see. May not keep it there, not sure if I like it on the home page.


Thanks Bob! Is there a way to NOT have the name of the block show above the icons?


I don't have the name of the block above my icons. Are you saying that you do? I probably don't have them because I am not choosing a wrapper. I attached an image of how mine is set up.

Also, I also was testing “share this”, but I think this service is good, but takes you back to the home page. Similar to what Brandon had.



Got this to work like a charm with AddThis. Thank you!

I got addthis to “work”, but it only pulls small images, not the original, higher quality images.


At least for me it works fine. The images on my product pages are about 200 x 227px. When I pin the image, it is the same on the pinterest page. The images on my category pages are smaller, so when I pin them, the images are also smaller. I think the product images on my product pages are large enough for pinterest posting. The original images I uploaded are bout 700px high, but CS-Cart reduces them.


It sounds like yours is doing the same thing as mine. It is only using the shrunk image and not the one that is the “pop-up” or larger image. Likewise it only sees the primary image and then any other images on the page, but it does not see the secondary images for the product. I am trying to figure out how to get it to view the secondary images along with seeing the images in a half way decent resolution. The 200X?? that it makes as a thumbnail is not a good option for pinterest. I just noticed that Brandon seems to have it finding the larger images, but he is using a different image viewer on his site too.

I think I know why the pinterest button is bringing people back to the front screen of a cs-cart site.

When you click an image to select it for pinning, the href of that image in the pinterest selection overlay is “#”. And if you look at the default html template code for cs-cart, there is a baseref set for the cart root.

That makes the href for the click essentially


I worked this out after testing the stock pinterest pinmarket and noticing it had the same problem.

What I don't know yet is how to fix it, but that appears to be the problem. Share-this is not the creator of the problem unfortunately. I also peeked in their code, and they are pretty much using the bookmarklet script from Pinterest.

Seriously. We have a Brandon and a Brandeline now? :grin:

That’s pretty funny. Anyway, welcome to the club!

Thanks for checking the problem with pinterest. It’s also still on my 100 pages long to do list… hope somebody can find out.

One solution is to just do Free Social Analytics Plugin by AddShoppers - Third-Party Services - CS-Cart Community Forums

The Pinterest code that has been here on the forum messes up links.

Then for some reason I've been having problems with Add This adding to the end of the URL after the Add This code is added. This has only been for new Add This code, so I'm not sure what is up with that.

But the Add Shopper thing is super easy to set up and if you want to put the code somewhere else besides where the addon puts it, that is easy too.

I hope that helps,


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Seriously. We have a Brandon and a Brandeline now? :grin:

That’s pretty funny. Anyway, welcome to the club!

Thanks for checking the problem with pinterest. It’s also still on my 100 pages long to do list… hope somebody can find out.


Thanks for the welcome :grin:

I swear Brandon and I are not related! :shock:

Please check our new Cs-Cart add-on “Social Icons” that has Pinterest button in features.

Feel free to ask any questions.

Best regards, Alt-team.