Has any one mastered Google Merchant Centre with CS Cart?

Hi All

The old rules of Google Merchant Centre were so much easier to abide by and for CS Cart t work with.

I have struggles to upload any of my products to Google Merchant Centre since the new rules have come in.

Even when I have all the attributes required by Google filled out for a product with all the correct MPN and EAN numbers, google still reject my products.

Is it me or is that CS Cart hasn’t been developed well enough to work with Google Merchant Centre?

I am thinking of creating my own Excel file now and uploading manually because this is a pain.

If anyone does have a Special Guide or a set of rules they follow that works every time with CS Cart, then please provide some assistance as I am hitting a brick wall with this.



Post up your specific errors… I had to tweak mine manually to get it to accept my feed


I've just done some more investigating and it seems that CS Cart only produces data for the following fields:

id product_type quantity price upc title description link condition image_link weight

It misses a lot of the important fields Like MPN, GTIN and BRAND even tho I have filled these fields up in CS Cart.

At the moment I'm in the process of uploading my data Manually using Excel and it seems to be working.

My current set up in Excel looks like:

id product_type quantity price mpn title description link condition image_link weight google product category additional image link availability brand gtin item group ID color shipping shipping weight

Google seems to be accepting these feeds, but its just a long and tedious process.

I wish the CS Cart team would fix this so that Merchants can avoid this long process.

If you look around, you will find a couple of different options (including one by me that is posted in the Hints forum). There has been a lot of discussions on the topic.

please im having the same problem can someone help me

Try http://www.ez-ms.com…data-feeds.html for probably the best and easiest way. I haven't tried it myself, but had Brandon setup my feeds, after which I manually filled out all GTIN codes it works great now.

Also see http://kb.cs-cart.co…ta-to-Google-mc

or google a bit, there are many solutions posted on this forum by a.o. Brandon

I'd go with EZ-MS's addon - works great and saves a load of time.