Hard Code Category Meta Descriptions - 1.3.5

Hey everyone…

I’m wondering if there’s a way to hard code category meta descriptions and keywords.

Here’s what we’re wanting to do with the meta description:

“Buy custom <> and other quality products from ABC.com. Visit us online or call us TOLL FREE AT 1-866-721-5400.”

Here’s what we want to do with the meta keywords:

“promotional <>, custom promotional products, promotional items, corporate gifts”

I think this is possible, but I’m not sure which files to edit and how

Maybe I need to ask a question before I can attempt to help.

In each Category and Product you are allowed specific Meta-tag Description and Keywords.

So I’m not sure exactly what/where you want to “hard-code” these?

Hey WebGuy…

The products are easier b/c you can easily configure and import through a CSV.

However, with the categories, it’s too tedious to go through one by one and unless I’m really missing something, there’s no way to import category meta info.

Ahhh, ok…you must have a lot of categories and products.

What I would do is use phpmyadmin to navigate to cscart_category_descriptions

Export as csv or excel…

Add your specific Category descriptions and keyowrds then import back.

Does this help?

That’s a bit over my head, I’d have to talk with my webmaster.

What I was hoping was that I could edit one of the template files to call the specific page title into the description on the category pages.

Is that not doable?

I’m not going to say it isn’t doable…

As meta-tag descriptions and keyword are stored in the database as a “whole”.

What it sounds like you want to do is pull that meta-tag and then somewhere in the meta-tag itself insert the category name?

Is this correct?

This is what I’ve been able to do so far…

You can pull the Page Title into the meta-tag description and keyword, but only add it to the beginning or end of each (not in the “middle”).

This is what it would look like “view source”:

Is this kind of what you want?

I think I might be able to accomplish inserting the Page Title anywhere in the description and keywords…but it might take me a little while. Not sure it can be done.

I just thought of another thing you can do:

We could hard code the beginning of your description and keywords if these would NEVER change…[COLOR=“DarkRed”]see the code in “red”.[/COLOR]

So if you wanted to ALWAYS start your description with “Buy custom” (or whatever)

and your keywords with “Promotion” (or whatever)…we could make that work.

Let me know your thoughts on this.