Hands Up All Australian Cart Owners

There is currently no CS-Cart add on for Zippay or AfterPay.

I am hoping if enough of us can chip in then we can have this add on created.

Version will probably be an influencing factor.

I am currently on 4.3.3 but soon ( I hope ) on 4.3.9

Another unknown is whether the add on created can be distributed to

all the chipper inners.

Anyhow, first things first.


just wondering if you got an answer to this question

thanking you



just wondering if you got an answer to this question

thanking you


If you do not found ready-to-use solution., feel free to contact our team

Hi all, I am in the same predicament… wanting to offer the Aferpay option to generate more sales in this depressed industry I am in. I was talking to my developer back in October 2016 about this for our existing site and our new site we have just launched and he said that it could be done and got me a ballpark quote for both sites, as the Afterpay would be different for the different CS-Cart versions. If anyone is interested in the pricing, email me at sharon@papersource.com.au.

I think it would be good for all CS-Cart online stores to offer this as that big stores now have it and pretty sure we are losing out in sales to them. We have spoken to people in other industries and they confirm that sales are better with it as people can buy as much as they want and not have to pick and choose the one item they can afford, and pay off the debt over time.

I had contacted the Aferpay team to see if they would develop it and make it open to purchasing for CS-Cart sites, but they were not open to it at the time (17 Oct 2016). They suggested swapping to one of the other platforms!! It isn't happening, I love my CS-Cart ♥

Hoping CS-Cart develop an Addon soon as the full cost is not workable in this depressed market.

cheers, Sharon

I agree, we need an Afterpay Addon pronto in Australia to increase our sales. I would like to see CS-Cart develop it too.

just adding to this thread, major retail competitors are currently using Afterpay - cs cart needs to build this add-on

We're happy to develop an Afterpay addon for you.

We have developed & launched an affordable & easy to manage AfterPay payment integration for Joomla platform. If someone is looking forward to a cheaper AfterPay integration for CS-Cart, then feel free to contact us at support@webkul.com

Thank You!