Handling Oos In Items The Google Merchant Feed

Hi all,

One of my stores features just over 10,000 products, and the quantities fluctuate regularly. I'm drop shipping from the supplier and they send me daily stock-on-hand lists where I simply import new quantity values. If an item falls below 0, it's marked Out of Stock on the website.

As you may know, Google requires an "Availability" entry in the Merchant Centre feed. With the data feeds add-on, this field becomes a product feature.

I need some method where the Availability feature of every product is adjusted to reflect the stock status after an import has been completed.
Alternatively, it would be good if the product status was changed to "Disabled" (and vice versa) if the quantity falls below 0 so that it can be excluded from the feed.

Any ideas?

I suggest you to use hooks in the fn_update_product_amount function (app/functions/fn.catalog.php) to disable out of stock products after the order is placed. But this functions is not called if you change stock amount from the admin backend or import it with the feed

As alternative, we can update the Data feeds module to add correct Availability field or disable out of stock items before the feed is generated

After spending more time on a solution, I discovered that I can create the feed in Google Sheets and auto-update the Availability field via Structured Data. The downside is that for some stupid, unknown reason, the Google Merchant Centre add-on in Google Sheets only allows you to update 250 rows at a time. So with 10,000 products, I would be stuck repeating this process 40 times manually.

So I think updated the data feeds module might be the way to go.