Hallo can eny one help me out this Prob

My cs-cort driving me crazy i have no clue anymore. her is my problem. peyment methohds and currencies. for several weeks ago i did contact transection company Cardia, everything was done. cs-cart is supporting peyment methohds whit Cardia, i have to currencies such as Norwegein(Krone) and British bound(Gbp) how ever i have to diffrent code to connect Cardia, each off the currencies the test went right,we establish conection. configuration so on everything went smooth, the rate is correct. when i pay samething at end off the prosses it shows Cardia to select visa or mastercard, from there the rate has chenged. if you spend GBpound 20GBP Cardia shows 20kr that is 200% lose rate and ather way. why is so difficullt, Cardia saying everythings is fine there system, I feel loosing this sc-cort game. can anyone hjelp me out. pls


you may want to specify the exchange rate in the currencies area

Check out xe.com and find out the current GBP to Krone then add the conversion rates for either…

check out www.southeastauto.com.au and select between the currencies and it’ll show you the differences.