Hacker Scanning your CS-Cart?

A few weeks ago I was thinking about signing up with HackerSAFE. I filled out the form to get a free scan of my site. All I ended up with was a high pressure salesman trying to get me to sign for the service at $1,850 (per year all due right now). He said if I didn’t like the service after 30 days I could cancel. The big push was my sales could go up on average by 14%. That’s good, but $1,850 is just too expensive. I checked other services. I found HackerGuardian to be the cheapest at $250 during their sale. Their normal rate is $359. Still alot of money. So here is what I did.

I now have scanning tools I’ve been using against my own shopping cart site www.SculptingStudio.com with daily testing for over 12,000 vulnerabilities including XSS and SQL injections. The new hacker scanning website is called HackerShield.org (no homepage yet). If you click on my HackerShield in the upper left-hand corner in my shopping cart, it will take you to HackerShield.org where you will see stats about the SculptingStudio.com. Notice in the lower right corner just after the copyright there is a decimal number. The number to the left of the decimal point is the number of times the HackerShield has been impressed. The number to the right of the decimal point is the number of times the HackerShield was clicked by customers to get a report about the SculptingStudio.com. I was thinking that others might want their site tested for hacker vulnerabilities also. So, if you are interested in having your site tested for free, send me a PM. If there is enough interest in daily scanning your sites, I can easily expand this service for other clients by setting up vulnerability scanning plans and displaying the HackerShield so you to can increase sales (base on what HackerSAFE and HackerGuardian say).

By the way, I never got my free scan with HackerSAFE.

I will be VERY interested in this Larry (though my site won’t be converted to CS-Cart for many months I’d imagine). What a great service you are willing to offer … this is HUGE!

[quote]By the way, I never got my free scan with HackerSAFE[/quote]What a joke. Don’t you just hate this kind of “customer service” … obviously only interested in THEIR bottom line, not in improving yours.

I think the same saleman have called everyone with a website trying to convince them they need this service $1850 which is a big ripoff, the last guy called me talking about meta likes like I don’t know what they are or what I’m doing…what a noob, won’t waste your time or money with services like this. Your first and only real step towards security is immediately removing customers critical data upon an order…

[quote name=‘sculptingstudio’]

By the way, I never got my free scan with HackerSAFE.[/QUOTE]

wow what a ripoff

anyways sculp ill send u a PM right now.


HackerGuardian is HackerShield and I use it to get the logo on this site but not for much longer because it isn’t worth it. These places don’t do ANY critical scanning because, not once has my IDS or firewall blocked this service but it does get 30+ script kiddies/day scanning various things.

Save your money, it’s all hipe