what happened to the thread about cs cart being hackable and where to look for files that don’t belong, there were a list of files to check for and directories

You know what I’m pissed! 1000’s of hours in building this cart entering products putting your trust in this cart and it’s got a wide open gaping hole that lets hackers right into your server!! They go in and modify every damn file and you have to take your time and reinstall or view every file!!

NICE JOB CS CART we paid for this script now YOU are costing me time and money and have my business at a standstill

uh, would need for info before anyone can determine a hole, or whether it was your setup.

Do you have any additional info? Could help others.

UHHH it was the phpmailer hole

There needs to be more info on this and the files list to look for compromised files

dont get pissed at me for asking for more info. thats something i wont tolerate. I dont work for CS, i volunteer to help out.

CS cart sent out emails and posted in this forum the day after the hole was found. EVERYONE got email notification and the fix for it.

in addition the security bulletin is posted in your helpdesk area

They were actually very quick in sorting this vulnerability. There are always sad individuals out there who will go through every little bit of code to find a hole in a piece of software so they can annoy hundreds of people! Don’t blame CS because your site got hacked - blame the “kid” who did it. While CS and most software vendors try very hard to prevent holes like this they are only human and at the end of the day S**T happens.

You should be backing up your site regularly, and most decent hosts will also back up everything for you regularly. I’m lucky… I have a VPS and it’s backed up daily. In theory if I was hacked badly I could just rever everything to the day before, and thats everything - server settings etc.

As for identifying the files that could be affected… Your guess is as good as anyones. The bulletin on your helpdesk describes the best places to look for suspect files, however, once someone is in to your system nobody knows what they’ll add/change/delete.

I know it’s a bit of bad luck and can be devistating but it happens in the world wide web and it’s not going to stop, it’s no good having a go at the software vendors (in most cases - such as this one). If you don’t already backup regularly, use this as a lesson and do so in the future.

I hope you get back on track soon though, I’m sure CS and everyone here will do their best to help you - just stay calm and polite though, it’ll help.


My site was hacked at the time also. That’s not a fun thing to wake up to!

Best you can do sometimes is backup often.