h1 tags

I’ve just had a quick look and it seems that the h1 tags are around the “sign in”.

Is there any way of changing this so that they are around the title, or something more relevant?

Yes. SEO says the H1 tag should only appear once on a page, however CSC has it twice, once for the name and once for the “Sign in” that pops up when you click on the Sign in on the main page. This change changes the Sign in to be a H2 instead of a H1:

Change yourskin\customer\top.tpl line 33


Change yourskin\customer\styles.base.css line 2213 to login-popup h2

Hope this helps


Thanks for the tip Chris,

I’ll make that change now.



I went to update this code and it looks like the only places the h1 tags are placed are - around the sign in (as mentioned before), and also around the titles of the blocks (which I think is really strange). I can change the code as you’ve mentioned, but the site is still without relevant tags.

Is there a way to place them around the page title?