Guided Selling Functionality, Where To Start?


We would like to offer a ´Guided Selling´ possibility to our website visitors. To my knowledge no add-on for CSC exists which can offer this. Has anybody implemented some type of Guided Selling?

Definition of Guided Selling (´GS´)

GS is not the same as Filters or Product Configurators. Those assume that a visitor knows what he is looking for. A definition of GS which I found on the internet might help to explain it: “…lets you engage your shoppers in a conversational dialogue and asks need-oriented questions everybody is able to answer to suss out wants, needs, intended usage, situation, and preferences.”

A good example is SmartAssistant, but I suspect their prices are far to high for a small company like ours. [url=“”][/url]

And a nice article on GS versus Filters

[url=“Digital Discovery: Insights, Tips, Trends and News | Zoovu Blog”]Digital Discovery: Insights, Tips, Trends and News | Zoovu Blog

Our thinking about GS and CSC

  1. GS is basically a decision tree in which visitors answer simple questions to end up with the best product(s) based on their answers
  2. The underlying data can (probably) be filled using Features in CSC
  3. The layout of GS takes up much more space than regular Filter columns on a webpage. And GS asks longer questions and uses pictures in order to clarify the needs-based questions.

    Any insight would be helpful. Which existing CSC functionality or existing add-on would lend itself as the best starting point for developing GS? Given the expected time & costs, I would strongly prefer not to start from scratch.



Olof, have you looked at this addon by

Hi Anthony,

Thank you for the info. I remember looking at that plug-in some time ago, but didn't think of it as potential Guided Selling. More as a conditional filter.

After 4.3.4 comes out, we are going to migrate to it. After which I will definitely try this add-on.




If you would be interested in building Product Advisor / Finder you can go to ChoiceHub - it allows shop owners to set up advisors free of charge.