Guide how to move backup from 4.11.x to 4.17.x

Dear friends
anyone can help me how to move my backup data from ver 4.11.3 to 4.17.2 ?
I used backup and restore function but after successfull backup restoration and setting config in config.local.php
i get errors and cant enter admin panel

am i doing wrong or is there any other way to try?


Are you trying to upgrade from 4.11.3 to 4.17.2? If so, it’s best to use CS-Cart’s built-in Upgrade Center and apply the upgrades one by one. It is a slower path, but there have been a lot of changes between versions, and the upgrades apply those changes to the data.

If the Upgrade Center isn’t an option, I’d try using export & import (they don’t cover all data though). Backup & restore are intended for reverting to a previous version, rather than moving to a new one.

Backup and restore

what errors are you getting