Guests List Added To Profile


I'm trying to find if there is an add-on or a method to add a list of "guests" or "friends" that a customer may add to his profile.

Customer wants to send a gift to a friend, or a family member, they will keep the same billing address for their CC purchase but will send said purchase to a friend as a gift. At X-Mas time we have currently customers sending to family and friends numerous gifts so the list should not be limited to a numbers of added deliveries addresses. It's a feature under X-Cart but I don't seem to have seen it in CSC.

Any idea?

Thank you.

Looks like you mean Settings -> General -> Allow users to create multiple profiles for one account


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Hi eComLabs,

This is what I had been using but got frustrated since on the customer side you can only enter a different shipping address for immediate shipping but cannot save it for later use, forcing customer to re-enter it next time around. There is a lot of reasons, after having used XCart for 14 years, for me to switch to CSC... but somehow CSC fails me on this. I am also surprised to see that after reviewing carefully all the add-ons around no one thought about this one.

Hi Webkul,

No offense but the meaning and purpose of these forums is be educational and informative for everyone. So if you would like to share your thoughts on this specific subject could you please be kind enough to share them here.

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with the mentioned setting enabled the customer can create and save for future as many profiles as they want. If it is performed on the profile page, the new profile is saved after you click Save and aether that you can Create new profile again. If you do it at checkout, then just enter the new profile name and click continue, the profile will be saved in your account for later.

What is meant here is only adding a different shipping profile, kind of drop-shipping functionality. I pay for the product and instruct the vendor where and whom to ship it to. The ideal solution would be

Create another Shipping Address

In order to do this using the Profile fields, we need to have Billing section separated from Shipping, or probably adding the ability to set up a new Section, say, Shipping Alias

Hi OrangeGirl,

What CSC achieves is to save ONLY one shipping address at a time, if you change the shipping address for a second shipping address the first shipping address is lost, since it has been replaced by the second one you just entered.

I think Imago got it right, all Shipping addresses entered should be saved in a separate section with a list available at checkout time showing aliases and a check box next to each above or next to the "Ship To" section allowing customers to ship to an already existing shipping address or add a new one.

Ok. After a thorough review I must admit I was wrong and OrangeGirl and eComLabs were both right. You can indeed create different shipping addresses. The current setup is not entirely clear and will not be to my customers. What is needed I believed is a clearer and better interface for customers.

My sincere apologies to both eComLabs and OrangeGirl!


Different profiles is not really what is needed but just different shipping addresses. CSC created when they indicated you can have a profile for home and one for business, is two different profiles under the same email address... which is in my humble opinion very rare if not non-existent. You don't want your boss to be able to review under your professional email address what you are buying for yourself and you don't want mixing up your personal email address with business related matters... well some people do ;)

I reviewed again and from a customer point of view and the actual setup is really not clear and easily understandable. I would really like to see as suggested by imago a section for different shipping addresses with aliases. That seems to be an easier to understand interface for customers.

Just my two cents.

I am afraid, custom development work is required in this case

Would not be a difficult addon to support a selectbox that would have a list of the alternate profiles where the shipping address could be extracted (maybe selected by the 1st address line).

But rather than trying to coax standard functionality to do what you want, I'd suggest writing an addon specific to your purpose so your users don't get confused and you can make the experience much nicer for them.

I'd recommend that when a shipping address exists on a checkout page, that there be a checkbox that says "Save to my firends" along with an input box for your friend's name. If checked (and input not empty), then the user's profile is not updated with that shipping address but instead it is added to a separate table.

Conversely, when the billing/shipping step is encountered, a selectbox be available that lists your friends by name and it will auto-fill the shipping fields within the order.

This should only be an option for registered users....

Just two cents....