Guest Users Data? Where Are They Stored?

CS-Cart 3.0.6

I need to “read” from the database the “FiscalCode” field, which is a field we added bot for registered users and for guests.

However, registered users have this field stored in their user_profile table…

where are user details stored for Guest users? I see some basic info (name, address…) are in the order itself, but I cannot find additional infos…

Probably in the cscart_order_data table but I don't know the 'type' of custom profile fields.

thanks for your reply,

unfortunatley the cscart_order_data only contains name, address and so on, but “Fiscal Code” is not saved there…


these options, for UNREGISTERED Users are stored in the cscart_profile_fields_data and are “binded” to the OrderID …they have an object_type='O' and object_id is the ORDER ID