Guest Users Can't Use Facilities Once They Log Out? And Cs's "almost" Ticket System...


It appears that once a guest user has placed an order, they can check the status of that order just as a signed-in user (i.e. one who has an account) would and that they can start communications with the company helpdesk.

However, am I right in thinking that if they sign out or clear their cookies, there's no way for a guest user to access these facilities since they can't “sign in” again?

There's a link in the email sent to the user, but it prompts them to sign in (with a nonexistent account) again if they're logged out.

I'm asking this because I want to create a proper ticket facility for CS (*). It seems strange- and disappointing- that CS's “communications”/discussion approaches being a basic ticket system anyway, but didn't quite follow that to its logical conclusion (i.e. guest users can't sign back in and there's no way to create a ticket not associated with a pre-existing order).

Am I missing something, or do I have to add these facilities myself?

  • Smich

    (*) Most ticket software for CS seems to be regular off-the-shelf standalone software with varying degrees of integration for CS tacked on; both overkill for us and not that well-integrated. () We might have considered Snorocket's ticket add-on, but the current version is several months overdue. (Launch date given is 20 May 2015- over two months ago!- and that was changed from the original March date). Shame.

    ) We did try Re:Desk, but it clearly wasn't designed for IIS under Windows:- http://forum.cs-cart…__fromsearch__1