Guest checkout multiple orders


I have a problem with guest checkout.

I have removed the option to “register account” from step 1 of the checkout process and simply have “guest checkout” or “login as existing customer” options, however a small issue has arisen where by when a customer checks out as a guest if they want to place another order they cannot reuse the same email address as the first order (why email addresses are even checked when guest checkout is selected is beyond me).

Now I cannot find out how to remove the email address check for guest checkout if I could then I could remove it, does anyone have any idea how to remove this please?

My thinking behind removing the option to register is it's more streamlined and customers have the option to register an account anyway at the end of the ordering process.

Any help much appreciated!



Ok so anyone that might be interested I took an alternative approach in the end and got rid of guest checkout completely and only use register account now. I think it streamlines the checkout process and takes away unnecessary options at a point when customers want a direct easy route to pay for what they have in their basket / cart - also as customers can only checkout ONCE with any given email address as a guest I think that option is completely useless anyway.