Guest checkout as default

Hello, I need universe mind help.

I figured how to make so that checkout form set guest option checked, that was not difficult. Nut I broke my mind when trying to sen the default button. Although form set so guest option is checked the button is “register”. To activate another button you should click the guest option once more.

Please any clues? {ehus I should change this somehow?

{hook name=“checkout:register_customer”}

{capture name=“register”}

{if $settings.General.approve_user_profiles != “Y”}

{include file=“buttons/button.tpl” but_href=“$curl&login_type=register” but_onclick=“$.processNotifications(); fn_switch_checkout_type(true);” but_text=$lang.register}


Please check our new Cs-Cart add-on “Guest Checkout by Default”

Best regards, Alt-team.