Grouped Product


Is there a way to create a grouped product? For example Product A in three sizes, so you can add one or all sizes to the cart. Well similar way as in Magento…


Look into option combinations or simply options

May be I missed something, but I do not see any option to group for example 4 sizes in a way that all 4 are independant products with its own code price and quantity field.

See attached picture for better understanding.

Any idea how I can do the same grouped product as on the picture [attachment=4273:grouped.JPG]?


Option combinations in the product detail view in admin panel.

thanks I use option combinations (so I can assign code.number / price / quantity), but how can I change outlook? It only gives me the possibility to choose between dropdown list and radio buttons. And my aim is to make all options available for clients at the same time. I mean he/she can choose quantity for option A ,quantity for option B, etc. (on the same page) and then add all these products to the cart.

Grouped product items with each quantity is not possible like Magento feature.

Cs-cart Bundle products and product configurator will probably suite you with more

features but, but still lacks features like quantity for each item etc. for the

product configurator.

If you feel, it may suite you, vote for


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Old link… Generates a 404 for me.

"QTY Matrix" mod - allow bulk ordering of product options - Third-Party Services - CS-Cart Community Forums

will this Addon work for you

Thanks a lot johnbol1 :rolleyes:

this is almost same like it should be for my project. I believe I can adjust the outlook to show ref. number, name and price of the product (option) in the same row.

thanks again