Just a note to introduce myself and say Hi to the Board.

I am currently a Cube Cart user and just bought a CS Cart license. I tried it and liked it so I’m in the process of switching over. I’ve had an e-commerce site online for a couple of years and have been helping develop Cube cart as well as Moderatring their forum.

I look forward to using this software. It works well in the demo I’ve been using and I can’t wait to migrate my products, et cetera.

Hi Roban,

Welcome to CSC.

ciao Roban

even if CS-cart is quite young, i’m sure you’ll love it very soon :slight_smile:

welcome aboard.

Hi Roban,

welcome aboard.

If you have tried 1.3.4 yet, you’ll never go back to Cubecart! :-))

Cs Rocks…

[quote name=‘snorocket’]

Cs Rocks…


working on super cool killer mods for the cs community…


Hey sno!

Haven’t killed anyone yet over a mod…so you says thats about to change?