Great help and a great Mod

I don’t know if this is appropriate to put here or not, but I just wanted to give TopCoderPro some well deserved kudos.

At one point a while back I looked into having CS build me a mod to allow me to have my products shipped via combined shipping (default), separate packaging, or by motor freight (truck). CS quoted me a price and I put out a request on this forum to see if anyone would be willing to pitch in. Unfortunately there weren’t very many people interested so I just dropped the idea.

About a month ago TopCoderPro contacted me and gave me a quote on building this shipping mod. The quote was less than CS and he could get it done much, much faster. I decided to hire TopCoderPro to build this mod and he was in great contact all through out the design proccess. The mod ended up taking him more time to complete than he originally quoted me because of the complexity of this mod. Even though it took more time to develop TopCoderPro stuck to his original quote and got the mod done (a rare quality nowadays).

There were of course a few bugs to work out on this shipping mod, but TopCoderPro helped me out every step of the way until I was satisfied with the mod that I initially asked to have made. I now have this mod installed and working on my site. TopCoderPro also said that he would do the neccessary code changes to make this shipping mod useable with CS-Cart version 1.3.5 when the stable version is released.

Anyways I just wanted to say how happy I was with TopCoderPro mod designing and would recommend him to anyone that needs some custom coding to be done.



Thanks for your kind words. It was nice putting the MOD together of such complexity.

At the end we were successful :wink: