Great Experience Working With Ez Merchant Solutions

This is a review of Tony's CS-Cart consultation and development company, EZ Merchant Solutions.

If you've been on these forums for a while, you must have come across Tony's posts (username: tbirnseth). Not only is he very vocal on the forums, he takes time out of his day to help others by giving free advice. The advice he gives isn't the fluffy kind of advice used to bait you into paying for his services either. Take a look at his posts and you'll see that he is genuinely trying to help. This isn't a review of his online activities though, so I'll leave it at that - but I thought I would point this out as an example of his good character.

I've been working with EZ Merchant Solutions for over a year now, and it's been great consistently every single time. You can reach him easily over Skype, and if reaching him by email he responds within 24 hours. He takes great care in the quality of his work, and with so many years of work with CS-Cart, he's extremely knowledgeable with the shopping cart.

Besides communication and the superb quality of work, I think the one thing that makes Tony the one developer I've most enjoyed working with is his sense of responsibility for the work he takes on. If, for example, something is broken as a result of an implementation he's done, he will take full responsibility and fix the issue. This cannot be said for many developers who are simply working to clock in maximum billable hours.

In short, Tony takes great care of his clients, shows a lot of expertise and knowledge, communicates well, and has great character - all of which makes working with him and his company a breeze.

I highly recommend Tony & his company EZ Merchant.

Thanks for the kind words Peter. Your site has some interesting challenges and overcoming past developer attempts was painful in the beginning. Glad we were able to help.